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When to Consider Filing a Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit


Insurance companies
that act in bad faith can increase profits by not paying on claims to policyholders as promised. The courts recognize the special circumstances surrounding insurance coverage and the temptation for unscrupulous insurers to act in bad faith. Individuals invest substantial monies over a long period of time in exchange for safeguarding valuable assets. That’s why state law makes provisions for adequate consumer recourse, when trouble occurs. If you are considering bringing a bad faith claim against your insurance company, make sure you know the current state laws or consult a insurance dispute attorney who does.
To determine whether or not you have a defendable case, write down the facts surrounding your insurance claim. Compare them to the terms of indemnity in your policy.
Did your insurer:
  • Conduct a slipshod or biased investigation of the claim?
  • Take an unreasonably long time to pay?
  • Offer you less than the sum stated in the policy?
  • Deny payment for a condition that is covered?
  • Infer coverage that is negated elsewhere in the policy?
Any of these actions may indicate “bad faith” - an attempt at illegal gain on behalf of the company at the expense of the insured. If additional circumstances are in line with legal precedent in your area, you may have a viable claim. If you present your case well in court, with a reputable bad faith insuarance attorney, you’ll stand a good chance of recovering your money and possibly additional awards.
Don’t forget that there are instances when insurance companies can legally deny indemnity claims.

Legitimate reasons for denial include:
·         Seeking compensation for situations not covered by the policy
·         Making fraudulent claims
·         Default, or nonpayment of premiums, by the insured.
You should rule these out before filing a lawsuit. Knowing and understanding the language of your policy will help you do this.
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