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Tips on Seeking a Bad Faith Insurance Attorney


Here’s the scenario: You’ve had a terrible accident, and have made a timely, complete claim with your insurance company. Months later and you’ve heard nothing. After contacting the insurance company on repeated occasions, an agent tells you that the claim has been denied and will not explain why. This type of behavior from the insurance company is known as bad faith.

You have several options if your claim has been denied.You may:
  • take the denial as the final word, or
  • take legal action.
You can start the process by filing a claim with your state’s Department of Insurance. In the meantime, contact an experienced insurance dispute attorney, who specializes in bad faith insurance cases. 
Many attorneys will take such cases on a contingency basis, meaning, they are paid only when their client reaches a settlement. Under American Law, both parties – in this case, the insurance company and the policyholder – are responsible for their own legal fees.
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WhoCanISue.comInsurance DisputesBad Faith Insurance

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