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Steps to making a Bad Faith Insurance Claim (Continued)


Fulfill Your Obligations
Make certain that you have held up your end of the bargain before accusing the other party. Have you reported your claim incident to the company within the specified time period? Have you given the company information and permission for any inspections that it may lawfully request? Have you paid your bills on time? Write up a summary report to show that you have acted in good faith.
Consult a Bad Faith Insurance Attorney
When you are reasonably certain that your actions are in good standing and those of your insurer are not, it’s time to call a bad faith insurance attorney. A professional can confirm the viability of your case and can bring you up to date on applicable state laws and time frames for filing a lawsuit.
File a Complaint
Every state now has a department of insurance that investigates questionable transactions. Lodging a formal complaint with this agency helps to track illegal practices and note recurrent patterns within specific companies. This can prompt action against the offenders by the state insurance commissioner, in addition to any civil suit that you and your insurance dispute attorney may bring.
To find links to state departments of insurance, visit the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
File a Lawsuit
Your attorney will know when to file a bad faith lawsuit and what type of recovery to pursue over and above the contractual amount.
You may be eligible for
  • Money that you owe as covered in the policy
  • Consequential damages arising from the insurer’s decision
  • Punitive damages that punish the insurer
  • Mental distress recovery
These all address the risk to your well-being that the insurance company took in not performing its promised duties. It is your right to seek compensation in court. Get started by completing our short questionnaire.
Bad faith can include denial, delay in paying, underpayment, unreasonable interpretation of and failure to adequately investigate a covered insurance claim. Consulting with a bad faith insurance attorney can help you decide where your relationship with your insurance company stands. To get connected to a bad faith insuarance attorney in your area who can advise you on how to proceed with a legal case against an insurance company, click the find an attorney button.

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